Sunday, February 13, 2011

New for Nook; Avenging Autumn

A brand new, re-edited, and re-formated edition of Avenging Autumn is now available for the Barnes & Noble Nook. For only $0.99 download the book that kicked off the action-packed Seasons Change Vampire Saga. Follow this link; Avenging Autumn to get it for your Nook or smart phone Nook app.


Benny Writeman was a peaceful artist who lived in a small Indiana town with his lovely wife, Autumn. But, when his wife is murdered, then returns from the dead and reveals her murder must be avenged before she can truly rest, he drags her ghost across the country on the hunt for the vampires responsible. With the help of his brother, Jack and their father, Frank, they leave an ever mounting trail of carnage behind as they confront nightmarish creatures around every corner, only to discover a heartbreaking truth at the end of their journey.

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