Saturday, March 5, 2011

Moonlight Springs Eternal: $0.99!!!

Now on the Barnes and Noble Nook and Amazon Kindle, download the third book in my Seasons Change vampire series for only $0.99.


From the creator of Avenging Autumn and the Wintermen comes; Moonlight Springs Eternal. When the great black werewolf, Glass and the red witch, Tristessa find a way to plunge the country into eternal darkness, it's up to Jack Writeman, Harold Robinson and the witch Medellia to find the source of the power and destroy it before the werewolves overrun humanity. Meanwhile, Frank and Gloria are busy defending downtown Indianapolis, Officer Ed is caught in a chaotic battle to save New York City, and James is trapped in a basement with new witch; Leslie Burton as a werewolf assassin lurks on the grounds above. All of this leads to a pulse pounding climax beneath a full moon, and a startling revelation that may create a rift in the group forever.

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